Tricia Lynn Congo McDonald

   Tricia Congo McDonald age 38 passed away on May 24, 2022.  She decided early on in her diagnosis that she was going to write her own obituary and leave it with two people she trusted the most, Nancy and Jennifer. Mostly because they knew she would haunt them if it didn't get posted.
   Hey y'all, I figured this would be my last social media post so I better make it a good one. Life is short, for some of us shorter than we expected. I can honestly say that I regret nothing of my path of life. The waxing and weaning of friends is what I have enjoyed the most. Let me tell you a little about my family and we'll get back to the friends portion.
   I am preceded in death by both my maternal and paternal grandparents, Blaine and Clara Milhoan, and Gene and Hazel Congo, an uncle Tony Milhoan, and a Beloved Aunt Sharon Hart who after her death
   I got my first tattoo to this day, my dad will call a clump of grapes instead of a flower (insert eyeroll here). I was the youngest of an old family, I had the honor of spending time with MANY fun and sometimes ornery great Aunts and Uncles, two of which played a large roll in my up bringing and I am forever blessed because of them, my Uncle Ben who taught me my love for the Browns and that losing was okay. Hahahaha He also taught me if someone was staring at you to ask them about if and nine time out of ten they would stop. He never misses a thanksgiving dinner. I've miss him a lot.
   On next to.... My Great Aunt Jean. She wasn't just "mine" she was everyone's. She adopted so many of our families friends and friends of friends over the years if you mailed her something postmarked to Aunt Jean, Pomeroy Ohio it would get to her and you better believe she would correspond back and if you didn't cash your birthday checks but the time the bank reconciled her monthly statement your ass was grass. My cousin TP would do this in spite to keep her on her toes. As much as I needed her during my battle I have so much peace knowing that she is with her love, Uncle Jack, her siblings and her "little short friend" Sarah. ?? She taught me so much, she was my rock, especially after losing all of my grandparents at a younger age. Finally I am proceeded in death by the closest thing I ever had to a brother, my brudder Jason Phalen, a drove of cousins and two of my favorite dogs Herk and Palin. Their goal in life was to piss my dad off daily to which they succeeded.
   So now I guess I talk about you lucky assholes still living. My Loving Mom who I aspire to be like each day and my Ornery Dad who I have become if the past few years My ravishingly sarcastic husband David to which I would not have made it as far as I did with out him. He selflessly stayed by my side when so many would have ran. His love for me is the greatest love I have known. My beautiful stepdaughter, Mallory, she describes herself as "A one woman Wolfpack" and I take credit for a small portion of that. My person, Jesse to which everyone knows he is the light in my life, always has been and his crazy ass mom, my sister Tara who I love more than she will ever know. Dave's dad, Papa McDonald who has been a great joy in my life. My Inspiring Aunt Shirley who has been my rock.  My cousin who is like a mom to me, Patty who can cheer me up with a picture of flowers faster than anything. My rotten cousins Frank and John and their lovely spouses. Linda, Rick, Jennifer, Steph, Jess, Lori, Holly, Matthew, April, Mikel, Tp, Traci, Nichola, Noelle, Nancy, Melissa, Melinda, Mayhem, oops, I mean Matthew, Mark and their spouses and 45 children. God knows that I would haved walked to the ends of the earth not to have them go through this battle with me. Believe me when I say it was far harder on them then it was me. They have been more than amazing to me over the years I couldn't have hand pick a better family than the one God gave me.
   A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 7:00pm with Judy West Reaser officiating at Anderson McDaniel Funeral Home in Pomeroy.  Visiting hours for family and friends will be on Tuesday from 4:00pm tp 7:00pm at the funeral home.

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